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Welcome to the homepage of Upright Consulting LLC! My name is Joseph S. Upright and I am the President and Owner. Today is July 17, 2024 and the current time is . Within the website you will find a listing of my skills, some samples of my skills, a list of my clients with a brief description of some of the work I have done for each, things about me, and how to contact me. Please feel free to peruse the website and contact me. Like everything in life, this website is a work in progress.

My main focus is on the IBMi (System i, iSeries, AS/400, etc ...) and web development utilizing different technologies to help companies with modernization efforts. The most prominent skills that I have are with RPGIV, RPG/Free, RPGILE, SQL, CL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP (running on the IBMi), AJAX, JSON, API, and web services.

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